About Us

3S is a company that aims to emPOWER inclusive-innovation progress in ways that are environmentally sustainable. Life in remote villages can be tough, when you earn less than $1/day and have no access to electricity and markets it can be hard to help yourself. 3S is a for-profit business that partners with farmers in the long-term to make real change and contribute to the circular economy. 3S was founded in 2019 with the purpose of increasing access to electricity, reducing poverty and creating decent work for people in rural communities. Impact is at the heart of our business model but to increase our impact we focused on creating an ethical, profitable business.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is rural villages with access to energy and appliances to enable sustainable business development that enable decent jobs and contribute to a circular economy. Our mission is to enable sustainable business development in villages in the last-mile. To achieve this we must enable access to energy and appliances for productive uses in a profitable business model that can harness private-sector investment to increase our impact.


Award for innovation in appropriate technology distribution.
KOPPESDA Foundation with 3S trialling solar home systems from recycled electronic waste to power households, community health centres and schools.
Inclusive solar solutions for sustainable energy in Indonesian villages.