Bamboo buildings built by local craftsmen from treated local bamboo. Ideal for tropical living, bamboo buildings enable light open spaces with natural air flow. 
  • Our partners JW Architects are experienced and talented Sumba locals who understand the Sumba environment and culture, to help you create a bespoke design that belongs in Sumba.
  • We manage the process from selection of quality bamboo poles from local farmers to building construction and handing over the keys to your dream.
  • We also create simple pre-fabricated bungalows to get you started in your new dream location, quickly and hassle-free. 
  • Custom-designed solar systems for your home or resort, installed and maintained by local technicians, ready to assist when you need them. 
Treated Bamboo
Bamboo is a strong and long-lasting building material, perfect for your villa or resort. Our bamboo is purchased from local farmers, treated with borax and boric acid and prepared according to your requirements.
Bamboo Buildings
Let us help you coordinate building your resort or villa from assisting with the land purchase to building and furnishing your passion project.
Bamboo Planting = Carbon Offsets + Income for Rural Farmers
Bamboo absorbs astounding amounts of carbon, grows quickly and within 10 years can start to earn the farmer regular income. You can help fund the transitio.n to a green economy by off-setting the carbon emissions from your flight, holiday or lifestyle