Productive Use Centres house appliances for reducing rural women's domestic workloads and enabling business development based on local commodities. Appliances include solar-powered rice mills, corn mills, coconut graters, coffee grinders, cassava graters, water pumps, water filters and ice makers depending on local conditions.
  • Rice and corn mills reduce women's daily workloads in manually processing crops.
  • Coconut Graters enable people to produce Virgin Coconut Oil and livestock feed.
  • Ice-makers combined with coolboxes enable coastal fishing communities to cold-store fish and access main markets.
  • Water pumps enable communities to access clean water.
  • Solar home systems with mobile device charging in every home.
Solar Home Systems
More than 35% of households in our province of East Nusa Tenggara still use dirty expensive kerosene candles for lighting. We enable rural families to purchase micro solar home systems (starting with three lights, phone charger, battery and solar panel) on a 3 year contract, repaying US$3.50/month). Across Sumba we have 56 agents, but many more villages need our help!
Solar Corn Mill
Many women still grind corn between two stones to prepare for cooking. Our hammer mills make flour from corn/maize, cassava, coffee and other local produce, saving women hundreds of hours a year.
Solar Rice Mill
Women in remote villages spend hours every day pounding rice in a wooden tub to prepare it for cooking. Our DC solar-powered rice mills enable women to spend more time on the things that matter.
Solar Powered Laptop
Teachers in rural villages struggle without light, computing ability or internet connectivity. Our collaboration with Endless Laptops enables teachers and students to access Indonesian language content and apps on custom laptop charged by a 40w solar system. The solar system also provides 5 lights and phone charging facilities.
Powering Sustainable Tourism - Large Solar Installations
Solar and wind power are the logical solutions for powering your dream Sumba resort or eco-retreat project. We can work with you to determine your power needs, design a system that works for you and can expand with your business. Installations, repairs and maintenance are all performed by qualified local technicians ensuring quality workmanship and timely repairs.